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This website uses cookies to track all of your personal data, which may or may not include a full record of your credit card purchase and banking history, biometric information (including your entire genome sequence), and a highly detailed location history of your closest friends and loved ones.

In alignment with our privacy policy we may from time to time trade this information to select partners in the global arms manufacturing community, the agents of foreign governments or dictators, and anyone interested in building an army of robots for undisclosed reasons.

Personal Information stored on our servers is securely encrypted at all times unless for technical reasons it was captured or dated on or after the 1st of January 1990.

By visiting this website you agree to a legaly binding contract wherby you are required to be available for labour duties in service to the company and it's partners at work camps located in various geographic regions. The company reserves the right to choose the start date and duration of your internship at a labour facility at a future date.

Attendance is mandatory, when required you will be collected from your home or place of current employment by agents of one of our transportation and compliance providers. Any offspring or dependants will be stored in a holding facility managed by an economically selected supplier until labour duties have been completed.

Catering during internship at a labour facility will be provided (where protein sources are available) inline with scientific minimum nutritional requirement guidelines. Shelter and accomodation will also be provided where available and may be radiaton proof if conditions demand. Dependant on the outcome of the conflict in your region drinking water of unguaranteed quality may also be available.

Upon arrival comprehensive training will be provided via neural stimulators and should prepare interns for the range of duties they will be required to perform in order to survive. Under some circumstances a visitors ability to carry out labour duties may be impeded during the course of their service by loss of limb(s) or appendages related to the inherent risks involved. In such cases you will be transfered to a facility operated by a contractor to one of our catering suppliers, upon which you will be reunited with any dependents (breifly).

In cases of indeterminned rarity visitors may be required to perform their duties in conditions hazardous to the human condition, including but not limited to: in deep and unstable chambers underground, under heavy laser canon fire, and in close proximity to robots not programmed to protect biological lifeforms.

All visitors should be reassured that the duration of their internment in the facilities described above will be less than their estimated life expectancy upon enrollment, which may be subject to change dependant on conditions beyond the company's control.

If you would like to opt out of this agreement you should probably disable cookies for this website.